Sentry PM™ for Direct Lending

ClearStructure extends its Sentry PM solution to meet the needs of the growing Direct Lending market with a targeted solution that is built-for-purpose and meets the disruptive trends that are being demonstrated in today’s commercial direct lending and private credit markets. From managing the complexity of a deal pipeline to tracking vast borrower measures and specific loan covenants over time, Sentry PM has the functionality and depth to deliver increased productivity.

Regulators and investors equally scrutinize today’s managers, requiring that they demonstrate proper controls and defendable processes, which is an ever escalating standard. The days of managing loans on spreadsheets or legacy systems are over – it is time to implement a fast, flexible and dynamic solution.

Featured Functionality for Direct Lending Managers

Lending Dashboard

  • Capture, calculate and analyze the creditworthiness of issuers/borrowers
  • Monitor investment pipeline and improve credit selection – combine analyst reports, rating reports, financial statements, etc.
  • Memorialize  origination and loan monitoring documentation and analyst commentary
  • Maintain “Tear Sheets” on all credits

Loan Management

  • Administer all loan activity (pre-payment, splits, combines, rolls, etc.)
  • Capture and track attributes by loan
  • Support all loan types
  • Allocate and track all participants throughout the life of the loan
  • Track multiple facilities and tranches per loan
  • Leverage agent bank notification functionality
  • Attach notices to loans and transactions

Monitor Covenant Compliance

  • Capture and centralize borrower time-series data (e.g., financial, transactional, positions, risk and market data)
  • Create reusable covenant rules – single-factor, compound, complex filtering rules
  • Receive real-time notifications – pass/fail/warnings – for all covenant rules
  • Full audit full trail, for every compliance run

Workflow Management

  • Establish automated processes and controls throughout the system
  • Leverage our Diagnostic Utility to identify missing and stale data

Data Aggregation

  • Centralize 3rd party data (e.g., borrower provided) into embedded data warehouse
  • Integrate 3rd party data with loan portfolio data and use in customizable dashboards, the compliance engine and the reporting platform


  • Reconcile positions, cash (and components of cash), referential data, pricing, FX, etc.

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In Sentry PM each module is fully integrated to provide a comprehensive front-to-back office solution.