Sentry PM™ for CLO Managers

Sentry PM handles the complexity of CLO structures and provides CLO managers tools that are unmatched in functionality, versatility, and in overall management of CLOs.

Featured Functionality for CLO Managers

  • Rules-Based Compliance Engine
  • Projection of the Waterfall Structure
  • Hypothetical Trade Analysis
  • Customizable workflows and Dashboards

Current market challenges

Following the difficulties in the Structured Finance market over the last several years, CLO Managers have undergone a new level of scrutiny by regulators, rating agencies, and investors. Today, the market is demanding greater insight into investment composition as well as internal operations. As the Structured Finance market continues to recover, managers of CLOs are demanding systems that handle the various complexities and nuances required by these funds.

Why CLO Managers choose Sentry

Sentry PM’s cash flow module offers full projection of the liability (waterfall) structure with dynamic movement of funds for breached tests and prepayments. In addition, managers can analyze the impact of hypothetical trades on both the waterfall and compliance tests and project the deal cash flows under various default, prepayment, interest rate and reinvestment scenarios. Sentry PM’s Compliance module, natively integrated within the Portfolio Management System, brings unmatched transparency through industry-leading drill-down functionality, providing users the detail behind each calculation.

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In Sentry PM each module is fully integrated to provide a comprehensive front-to-back office solution.