Sentry PM™ for Asset Managers

Built by Asset Managers for Asset Managers, Sentry PM allows you to increase efficiency and improve performance through better automation, greater flexibility, and more powerful technology.

In today’s financial markets Asset Managers are being asked to adapt to new risk requirements and increase insight to investors; all while implementing cost-saving measures. With the ever-changing nature of technology, it is critical that systems are positioned to handle these challenges.

Featured Functionality for Asset Managers

  • True cross-asset management
  • Real-time P&L and Risk Views
  • Powerful drag-and-drop reporting tools
  • Auto-reconciliation with service and data providers
  • Drill-down performance measurement & attribution

Sentry adapts to client workflows

The customizable workflows and configurable screens ensure that users see data that is important to them in the way the want to see it. This combination of robust functionality and user-friendliness makes the internal adoption of Sentry a shorter and smoother process compared to common outdated systems in the market today. Sentry delivers:

  • The Flexibility to adjust to your workflow
  • The Adaptability to handle multiple asset classes
  • The Scalability to grow as your business grows

Sentry utilizes the latest web-based technology

Sentry’s architecture utilizes the latest web-based technology and is built with a flexible architecture which means that Sentry updates and deployments are faster and more cost effective than outdated client-server systems. This foundation allows us to keep up with innovations in both technology and the markets, making sure you never have to worry about your systems keeping pace as your business evolves.

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In Sentry PM each module is fully integrated to provide a comprehensive front-to-back office solution.