Sentry Modules

Complete Front-to-Back Office Functionality

In Sentry PM™, each of the modules is fully integrated with the rest of the system. This connectivity means the operation between front, middle, and back office is completely seamless and, therefore, allows for a true STP solution. In addition, Sentry PM’s flexible architecture allows it to be equally effective as a standalone product or easily integrated with other systems through our powerful API.

Key Modules:

Trade Order Management

The integrated internal OMS and trade capture features provides users order entry, allocation and trade routing via FIX or other protocol.


GIPS® compliant performance and attribution using daily time-weighted returns.

Pipeline Manager

The Sentry Pipeline Manager offers the tools and features necessary to fully manage the credit pipeline including issuers, deals, and facilities.


Manual or Auto-reconciliation of positions, cash and transactions with multiple third-parties per account.

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Customisable Modules

ClearStructure Financial Technology is focused on providing robust solutions to meet the customized needs of its clients

We understand that inflexible and outdated systems can often create just as many problems as they solve. That is why we designed our Sentry platform as a true cross-asset portfolio management system, which offers flexibility, transparency, and scale. Sentry is easy to use and highly customizable; delivering the increased operational efficiency, improved transparency, and valuable cost savings a system should provide.

Sentry PM™ – Portfolio Management

For buy-side management we offer Sentry PM™, a cross-asset portfolio management suite of products. Sentry PM is a complete front-to-back office platform. Sentry PM is built on a flexible architecture, which means its equally effective as a standalone product or easily integrated with other systems through our powerful API. This flexibility, coupled with the system’s broad and robust functionality, delivers a highly focused set of features for investment management firms of all types.

Sentry LT™ – Loan Trading System

At ClearStructure we have deep experience working with and building systems for bank loans. We bring this experience and expertise together in our bank loan trading platform, Sentry LT™ that allows sell side trading desks and broker dealers to increases productivity while controlling operational costs. We do this through emphasizing automation and usability to deliver the features and functionality your trading desk needs to successfully streamline your loan trading operation.