Sentry LT™ – Loan Trading System

Sentry LT™ represents the next generation of Syndicated Loan trading platforms and offers both the features and functionality to successfully streamline your loan trading operation.

At ClearStructure Financial Technology, we have worked with Syndicated Loans for over ten years. Our Sentry LT™ system brings this experience and expertise together into a robust web-based bank loan trading platform, which eliminates many challenges loan trading desks face by automating tasks and improving efficiency. Sentry LT is built using the latest technology and is positioned to easily scale as your business grows.

Sentry LT’s customizable workflows and configurable screens ensure that users see data that is important to them by making this information easily accessible.

Sentry LT™ Featured Functionality

  • Customizable P&L and trade blotter views.
  • Ability to generate reports and export data with a single click.
  • User-defined trade/settlement workflows, which allow users to adapt the system to current processes and compliance procedures.
  • Pre-trade allocation and trade eligibility through rules-based compliance engine for multiple accounts, including counterparty limitations.
  • Calculation of trading fees (such as delayed compensation, break funding, cost of carry, etc.) with drill down into detailed formulas, showing exactly how each fee was calculated.
  • Ability to generate par & distressed LSTA/LMA trade documentation (Trade Confirm, Funding Memo, Pricing Letter, PSA, Assignment Agreements, Netting Letters, etc.).
  • Full audit trail and user navigation log tracks every change that occurs within the application.
  • Powerful user permission system, through which the system administrator can create groups, as well as restrict and control access to features and screens by various levels.

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