Sentry Loan Manager™

Sentry offers the tools and features to fully manage your syndicated loan portfolio. At ClearStructure our Sentry platform handles every nuance of the syndicated loan asset class. While many systems purport to cover loans, none deliver the feature and functionality as extensively as Sentry.

Features include:

  • Track loans at the credit agreement, facility, tranche and contract level.
  • Full loan administration module (globally paydown, rate resets, repayments, PIK, etc.).
  • Track loan pricing grid and receive notification when covenants have been breached and spreads change.
  • Loan administration dashboards alert users to upcoming rate resets, maturities and other events.
  • Calculate loan trade fees such as delayed compensation, break funding and cost of carry with the details behind every calculation.
  • Ability to generate par & distressed LSTA/LMA trade documentation (Trade Confirm, Funding Memo, Pricing Letter, PSA, Assignment Agreements, Netting Letters, etc.).
  • Utilize multiple loan pricing sources, including LPC and Markit Partners.
  • Link internal or third party loan data feeds directly into the system in order to process loan administration tasks.
  • Store documents (including faxes) directly on the asset, issuer or trade level.
  • Loan Trade Operations shows statistics such as counterparty volume, closer efficiency, par vs. distressed trades outstanding and other metrics which help firms define risks and bottlenecks.

Many of the world’s leading bank loan managers choose Sentry for the management and administration of their bank loans.

Contact us today to find out why and see how we can add efficiency and transparency to your loan operations.