Sentry Compliance™

Sentry’s rule-based compliance engine allows users to calculate and verify compliance on any date—past, present or future. In addition, the compliance engine is fully integrated with the PM solution so there is no need to import and export data from one application to another.

Our compliance functionality has been tested and used to manage hundreds of complex structures and funds and it delivers robust functionality through an interface that is easy to understand. Users can build compliance sets and rules and then apply them as pre-trade eligibility requirements, covenant tracking, or standard fund (or firm) guidelines.

Additional features include:

  • Threshold alerts to let users know when tests breach user-defined levels and are nearing failure. Scenario Manager lets you analyze the potential impact of trades, defaults, prepayments and rating changes on your portfolio’s compliance.
  • Date comparison tool to quickly compare compliance as of any two dates.
  • Sentry Smart Group technology, which provides a user-friendly interface to create new tests with no need for scripting or programming knowledge.
  • Full drill-down capability, allowing users to understand the details behind the test and to easily export the data.
  • Capacity to quickly clone current tests or select from a library of test types to streamline test building.
  • Ability to build both simple and complex tests in any deal, fund or structure in a matter of minutes.
  • Schedule periodic post-trade compliance.
  • Standard tests types including:
    • Portfolio Limitations
    • Issuer and Counterparty Limits
    • Nth Level Grouping (3rd largest issuer, sum of top 5, etc.)
    • Recovery Rates
    • Average Life
    • Diversity Scores
    • Correlation
    • Interest Coverage/Over-collateralization and many more.
  • Flexible matrix look-ups, which allow tests to be configured with dynamic triggers, based on other test results.

No matter what your particular compliance needs may be, Sentry’s compliance engine brings transparency and efficiency to the risk monitoring process.

Contact us today to find out how Sentry can help you better manage your compliance process.