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ClearStructure Financial Technology was founded in 2004 in Danbury, Connecticut by a team of IT professionals. While at a Connecticut based Asset Manager, this group of IT professionals, developed a portfolio management system, called Sentry, to assist in the management and operational tasks in managing over $5 billion in fixed income and structured finance accounts. After receiving significant interest from the marketplace, the group officially separated and established a new technology firm called ClearStructure Financial Technology to continue the development and marketing of Sentry.

Over the next several years ClearStructure was primarily focused on the structured finance space and experienced significant growth in the CDO/CLO area. By ensuring the system keep up with the ever-changing market and provided investment managers unmatched functionality, ClearStructure established itself as one of the top players in structured finance technology. In 2005, recognizing the paradigm shift occurring in technology from client-server to web-based technology, ClearStructure rewrote the Sentry application from scratch focusing on providing a front-to-back office portfolio management system with all of the functionality of the legacy Sentry system but capitalizing on the technological advantages of the web.

Today, ClearStructure has offices in Connecticut, Houston, California and London England. Our clients number among the largest and most well-respected financial institutions in the world. We continue to utilize our more than 15 years of direct experience as a firm serving financial professionals to deliver products which emphasize flexibility, integration and automation. Our clients choose Sentry systems because we are committed to providing our clients with financial systems that help them work smarter and more efficiently.

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