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Our favorite stories making the news – 09 Feb

Of all the sectors where digital is having an impact, financial technology or “FinTech” has been one of the biggest growers in recent years. Here are some of the FinTech Trends and Predictions for 2015

The CLO recovery over recent years has been primarily fuelled by a global search for yield among investors in a low interest rate environment. Although slowly rising, rates remain low on a historical basis at present …Collateralized Loan Obligations To Remain In Investor Focus In 2015

In a recent survey, Preqin has analyzed the performance of over 5,200 hedge funds worldwide throughout 2014 to identify the top performing funds …What 2014’s Top Performing Hedge Funds Look Like

Most Hedge Fund insiders anticipate continued growth in Hedge Fund inflows as well as expansion into new markets and product lines …Outlook For Hedge Funds 2015: The Alpha Game

Between 2015 and 2018 assets under management in the UK wealth and asset management sectors are expected to rise 6.5% per year …Asset management sector well positioned ahead of pension changes