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Our favorite stories making the news – 27 Oct

We share our views on what a portfolio management system should be delivering to Asset Managers…No compromise for today’s Asset Managers

Big news for CLO managers in the US, who face having to set balance sheet capital aside to meet the new risk retention rules, are now rushing new CLOs to the market at a record pace. …CLO Rules Seen Putting Squeeze on Smallest Debt Managers

Leveraged loan volume crept to $4 billion this week from $2.9 billion last week as issuers and arrangers alike navigate a market that continues rocky amid the broader economic turmoil  …Leveraged Loans: US braces for risk retention as volatility hits – CLOs

With high fees and falling returns, the hedge fund industry has been suffering from its own success …Hedge Funds Confront the Future

The business of bundling leveraged loans into top-rated securities is poised break  records as soon as next month…CLO sales hit records both sides of the Atlantic