Money Market

Money market instruments serve as a foundation to the global financial markets. These short term assets are entered into frequently by investment managers so the ability to properly track and account for these assets is paramount. Since the volume of money market transactions can be quite large for a firm, investment managers need tools which provide a wide range of functionality but are also easy to use.

Feature Functionality for Money Market Instruments

  • Import assets or link to one of our many data sources to have the asset set up automatically.
  • Apply haircuts to any asset based on user defined rules.
  • Automatically post cash flows and maturities.

Some of the money market asset types we cover

  • Repurchase Agreements (Repos)
  • Reverse Repurchase Agreement (Reverse Repos)
  • Commercial Paper
  • Eurodollar Deposits
  • Certificate of Deposit
  • Foreign Exchange Swaps
  • Treasury Bills
  • Bankers Acceptance

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