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Our favorite stories making the news – 3 Nov

We’ve launch ClearStart! It’s our new initiative to  give Emerging Hedge Fund Managers  access to  Commerical grade technology  without the Commerical grade price tag…ClearStructure offers ClearStart for emerging hedge fund managers

In today’s financial markets, Asset Managers are being asked to adapt to new risk requirements and increase insight to investors …Levelling the Playing Field in Trading  Systems

Final risk retention rules require CLO managers to retain capital equal to 5 percent of any new deal done starting two years from the rules’ effective date …Leveraged Loans: As CLO Market Digests Risk Retention, Lawyers Eye ‘Holy Grail’

Some hedge fund managers are making interesting choices …Hedge funds pursue alternative lending

Hedge funds have a role to play while markets remain volatile both on the local front and internationally …Hedge-fund tactics win fans in volatile market