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IBOR – Why wait when you can have it today?

IBOR or Investment Book of Records has become a buzzword among the Investment Management System vendors recently, as their legacy systems struggle to keep up with industry demand for better transparency in the investment process and real-time updates of positions and transactions. Whether these firms will succeed in delivering on their promises is uncertain, since for the  majority of Investment Management firms these legacy products are just one-of-the-many applications that are found in front, middle and back office systems, all of which represent overlapping (and sometimes complex) views of a portfolio. The time to delivery being quoted by some vendors is running up to 3+ years and the costs involved would make your eyes water.

The benefits associated with providing a centralized, consistent and up-to-date view of positions resonates with all firms which is why our clients have chosen Sentry PM™  for a seamless front to back office solution that delivers on the often discussed  requirements for an ‘IBOR’. Built using the latest web and cloud technologies Sentry PM offers true cross-asset management with real-time views of your data including positions, trades, transactions, performance, P&L and risk.

Don’t wait for years for unrealistic IBOR promises when you can have it today. Contact us now.