ClearStructure Financial Technology’s Sentry PM™ Wins Best Portfolio Management System for 2018

ClearStructure Financial Technology’s Sentry PM has been named Best Portfolio Management System in the 2018 US Services Awards. The awards were hosted by Alternative Credit Intelligence, a member of the

HFM family of publications. The Alt. Credit Intelligence US Services Awards program recognizes best-in-class services and technologies to alternative credit fund managers and excellence in customer relations, technological innovation and overall service.

Sentry PM™, is a web-based front-to-back office system which tracks all types of investments from idea to trade to management and administration. Sentry’s robust yet flexible functionality handles multiple asset types and fund structures including Hedge Funds, Direct Lending, SMAs and CLOs.

The category was judged by a panel of experts from Alt Credit Intelligence, leading institutional and private investors, and industry experts. The award is designed to reward fund portfolio management providers that have shown true growth and a commitment to client service over the course of the last twelve months. Success in this category depends on a mixture of customer and revenue growth, as well as the ability to demonstrate innovation and the ability to develop new products and solutions for credit managers. For more information on the ACI US Services Awards, please click here.

“The Portfolio Management System category has seen significant developments in recent years, hence the strength of the nominees,” Said Jon Close, Head of Content at Alt Credit Intelligence, “But judges recognized ClearStructure’s Sentry PM system as standing out; offering the most comprehensive and detailed solution for the investment management community. User feedback indicated particularly strong features in CLO Management, Asset Management, Hedge Funds and Direct Lending.”

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Is Your Firm Built To Scale With The Boom In Middle Market Direct Lending?

sentry pm direct lending portfolio management system

As of October 2017, Middle Market issuance was at $122 billion YTD, this is up from $97 billion in 2016 for the same time period (Thomson Reuters Leveraged Loan Monthly – October 2017); an increase of over 25%. The continued surge in the Direct Lending marketplace has new and existing firms jockeying for position as leaders in this niche lending space.  In order to have staying power, firms must be able to scale with growth and adapt to an ever-changing environment. This fact, coupled with the migration of capital from pension funds has successful firms adopting procedures and workflows that ensure optimal operating environments to continue to attract institutional investors.

Workflow and data management are integral components to any operating environment. These become amplified for Direct Lenders. Key components of the Direct Lending industry are:

  • Workflow processes need to be repeatable and consistent,
  • Data flow must be streamlined and efficient,  
  • Information must be readily available:
    • on any borrower,
    • for any loan,
    • at any point in time,
  • Compliance and controls around the workflow and the data ensure:
    • that loan covenants are abided by,
    • statistical information can be calculated and analyzed.

While human resources play an important factor in creating and managing processes, technology can also play a critical role.  The amount of data that must be consumed and analyzed can be daunting. It is important to work with vendors that understand the industry, can implement best practices and support your business as it scales. To learn more about ClearStructure and why Sentry PM was chosen as Best Direct Lending Solution for 2017 by CV Magazine please contact us.

California Wildfire Relief

clearstructure cares ventura county wildfires

The Thomas Wildfire is now the third-largest wildfire in the state of California’s history.  Starting on December 4, 2017, the wildfire has burned a total of 270,000 acres in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties and is still only 45% contained. As of today, 104,607 people have had to evacuate their homes and more than 8,500 firefighters are working to put out the fire. 2017 has been the most destructive year for wildfires in California history.

Our thoughts and wishes are with our employees, clients, partners, and friends that are being affected by the wildfires.

To help or donate to the relief for victims and families please see the below sources:

American Red Cross Ventura County

LA County Animal Care Foundation

The Humane Society of Ventura County

The Salvation Army

The United Way of Ventura County

ClearStructure Opens New Office In Houston

san felipe plaza clearstructure financial technology sentry pm

On Friday, December 8th, 2017, ClearStructure Financial Technology opened the doors to a brand new expanded office in the heart of Houston, TX. The new office space is located in the San Felipe Plaza, a 46-story tower located southern part of the Galleria district in Houston. This is one of ClearStructure’s five key corporate offices with additional office locations in Danbury, CT; New York, NY; Valencia, California; and London, England.

ClearStructure Financial Technology’s new Houston office is approximately 6,200 square feet and will host half of the Company’s developers, support, QA and IT teams.

“2017 has been a year of expansion for ClearStructure. The new office in New York City and the expanded office in Houston reflect our strategic growth and success within the industry. The new Houston office allows our team to better collaborate on innovation with an open floor plan that fosters transparency and teamwork. The technological and design updates to the office space demonstrate our values of constantly working towards innovation both internally and through developments in our product, Sentry PM™,” announced Scott Turley, CEO of ClearStructure Financial Technology.

ClearStructure’s Sentry PM Selected by Manifold Partners LLC for their Portfolio Management and Operations Groups

Manifold Partners LLC, a San Francisco-based quantitative asset manager of global equity, announced today that after an extensive system search, they have chosen ClearStructure Financial Technology’s Sentry PM™ as their portfolio management system.

Manifold Partners will implement Sentry PM™ as the core system for their portfolio management and operations groups. The firm specified a number of key factors for moving forward with Sentry PM™ including the native reconciliation functionality. Along with the base Sentry PM™ solution, Manifold chose additional modules to further customize their solution. The supplemental modules include Sentry NAV, Sentry Performance, and Sentry Connect. Sentry Connect will allow the business to seamlessly integrate with multiple data sources including with the Financial Information eXchange (FIX®).

Andrew Putnam, Manifold’s Managing Director of Client Services commented, “After a thorough search of the market, we found Sentry PM to be the most efficient reconciliation tool for our needs. In addition to being a cost-effective way to provide GIPS compliant performance attribution and streamline our operations capabilities and trading environment, the hosted platform has the best-in-class portfolio reporting that our clients demand.”

Scott Turley, CEO of ClearStructure, noted “We are very happy to bring on Manifold Partners and provide them with an integrated solution. Serving asset managers such as Manifold Partners demonstrates how our solution is flexible enough to adjust to various workflows and scalable enough to grow with their business.”

About Manifold Partners LLC:
Manifold Partners LLC is a San Francisco-based multi-strategy portfolio management firm specializing in quantitative investment methodologies. Manifold’s methods of security analysis are systematic and statistical in nature. The firm’s science teams from multiple fields of study have deep backgrounds in quantitative research, machine learning, mathematics, portfolio theory, and advanced software development. Manifold serves as investment advisor to private investment funds and also provides sub-advisory services to mutual funds. For contact information or to learn more, visit

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Dashboards and Data Delivery

For investment managers to consistently produce alpha and have streamlined investment decision processes, data and systems need to be seamlessly integrated and standardized. According to the 2016 Asset Management Industry Trends Survey by Confluence, nearly three-quarters (74%) of respondents say their firm still depends on multiple, disparate systems.1 Data management continues to be one factor that increases operational costs and a reason why technology budgets continue to rise. 2

What Are The Data Challenges?

There are several data challenges facing investment managers.  Depending on the type of investment strategy, this list could include any or all of the below:

  • Standardization and normalization of data
  • Managing multiple data interfaces
  • Cross Asset flexibility
  • Minimizing manual processes
  • Automating reconciliation between multiple data sources
  • Deriving intelligence from data sets

How Do Firms Respond To These Challenges?

“Firms must no longer confine technology to the back office merely for cost-saving purposes; by aggressively leveraging technology in the front office as well, winning firms can grow distribution through big data techniques using client analytics,” according to an EY thought leadership piece.3

In response to these challenges, a proactive approach is usually best with any time invested up front paying dividends later on in the process as there is a better understanding of needs and a more complete picture of all involved workflows.  Some features that should be considered when analyzing these challenges and potential solutions include:

  • Systems that can handle cross-asset products
  • Interfaces with APIs and web services as well as more traditional file transfer technologies
  • Ability to extend data sets to include customized data points, including pulling data from multiple third parties
  • Automatic tools to ensure data remains clean and up to date
  • Intuitive tools to get data out of the system that is easily understood and reportable


What are potential solutions to these challenges?  Undoubtedly, the choice of utilizing multiple systems to handle different asset classes, while covering front-, middle-, and back-office operational needs is one option. Deciding to adopt several systems might solve very specific issues, but can include challenges previously mentioned above. All encompassing solutions are quickly becoming as comprehensive, if not more comprehensive, than specialized solutions.  Investment firms can now find solutions with flexible dashboards that properly manage cross-asset products and support the complete operational investment cycle. Additionally, systems access to real-time-data helps managers make quicker and more sound investment decisions while empowering users to take more control of the data to ‘slice-and-dice’ it how they see fit for analytical and reporting purposes. Ultimately, superior systems and data management processes will produce better investment decisions.

Sentry PM™ Awarded Best Direct Lending Solution By CV Magazine

Sentry PM Best Direct Lending SolutionClearStructure Financial Technology proudly announced today that their portfolio management system, Sentry PM, has been named the Best Direct Lending Solution of 2017. Sentry PM allows direct lenders to utilize a single system for all of their research and operational needs, from due diligence to origination to the daily administration of each loan. The flexibility within the product lets direct lenders customize loan structures to meet the unique needs of their borrowers.

CV Magazine was created by a team of business experts, advisors and insiders and provides readers with news of business strategy, analysis, corporate case studies and emerging trends to business leaders and decision makers. The Technology Innovator Awards were created and designed to recognize and reward the individuals, departments, and firms whose innovative thinking and commitment to technology make the industry what it is today. Each winner is chosen through a combination of votes gathered from the magazine’s network of respected industry partners, together with an in-depth and rigorous in-house research process.

Laura Hunter, Awards Coordinator, commented: “Now celebrating its third year, the Technology Innovator Awards return in 2017 to celebrate the talented individuals, teams and firms that form the backbone of this dynamic industry. Those who go on to win can be confident that their recognition was well deserved.”

“In recent years, ClearStructure has focused on the direct lending market to better serve the demands of this rising industry. This award is a testament to the hard work and innovation that comes out of the ClearStructure team,” stated Jeremy Hintze, COO of ClearStructure.

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ClearStructure Financial Technology Welcomes Newest Client: Nassau Corporate Credit LLC

Nassau Corporate Credit ClearStructure Sentry PM

ClearStructure Financial Technology is happy to announce today that Nassau Corporate Credit LLC has selected Sentry PM to support its credit research, portfolio management, and investment analysis needs.

“We are pleased that Nassau Corporate Credit selected Sentry PM to support its business needs and continued growth and we consider ourselves as their trusted partner in these objectives,” remarked Jeremy Hintze, COO of ClearStructure.

To read the full press release click here.

Sentry PM™ Receives Award At Alt. Credit Intelligence’s US Services Awards For The Second Consecutive Year

ClearStructure’s Account Manager, Laura Braun, pictured with Andrew Durbidge, ‎Publishing Account Manager at Pageant Media, at the 2017 US Services Awards ceremony in New York, NY.

ClearStructure Financial Technology announced today that their renowned system, Sentry PM, has been named Best Portfolio Management System of 2017 at the US Services Awards. The awards were hosted by Alternative Credit Intelligence, a subdivision of HFMWeek. The ceremony took place on Wednesday, February 15th, at the 583 Park Avenue Ballroom in New York, NY.

ClearStructure continues to be recognized in the industry for their outstanding products and innovation. As a prominent global technology provider in the investment space, ClearStructure places an emphasis on building products in partnership with their users. By issuing three extensive releases per year, ClearStructure continuously develops updates to Sentry PM’s existing functionality as well as incorporating new features. ClearStructure aims not only to accommodate but also to anticipate the rapidly changing needs of the industry.

“The ACI US service awards are designed to honor the hedge fund service partners who have gone that extra mile to deliver top notch support to a demanding sector. The winners are chosen based on feedback from a range of senior operations professionals at credit funds with judges asked to think about attributes including client service, innovation and use of technology when coming to their decisions” commented Paul McMillian, Chief Editor of Alt. Credit Intelligence.

“It is a great honor to be recognized by such a distinguished panel of judges, not only once, but twice in two years. It validates the hard work and dedication of our employees, as well as the immense support we receive from our clients. We look forward to an even brighter future for ClearStructure” noted Scott Turley, CEO of ClearStructure.

About The US Services Awards
The US Services Awards is designed to recognize and reward hedge fund service providers that have gone above and beyond in terms of customer service and innovative product development. Entrants must demonstrate customer and revenue growth, in addition to continuous innovation and the ability to develop new products and solutions for credit managers. For more information please visit the ACI US Services Awards.

Direct Lending Continues Strong Push into 2017

As we head into 2017, the movement of capital into the direct lending space continues. Investors’ demands and underperforming hedge funds continue to be driving forces in fueling the direct lending market. It remains to be seen how regulation or deregulation will affect the financial markets but it might not have as much of an impact as you’d think on direct lending.

Investors continue to demand higher returns; thus, forcing investment firms to always be in search of new ways to generate alpha. Compounded by the dismal performance of the hedge fund industry, this has led to more investment in the direct lending space as monies continue to flow out of hedge funds and into direct lending funds. Per Hedge Fund Research, through October of 2016, roughly $50 billion has flowed out of the hedge fund industry. While not all of this outflow is going into direct lending funds, it demonstrates that investors won’t accept underperforming investments.

It is frequently said that regulations have hurt lending, but data shows that US commercial and industrial loans have been steadily increasing since 2010. While increased regulations have decreased typical avenues of lending, such as large banking institutions, lending surpassed the $2 trillion mark in 2016 according to the Federal Reserve. This is up from roughly $1.25 trillion in 2010. Direct lending firms have grown in an effort to fill the supply that was once filled from larger banks. There is talk that certain regulations might be lifted which could mean that traditional means of lending could increase thus further raising the level of lending past the $2 trillion mark.

Investment will continue to flow into the direct lending industry as long as investors demand returns they have typically seen in the past. Commercial lending has increased at a healthy rate with regulation and might see accelerated growth if there is any deregulation. Barring an unforeseen industry event, all signs point to continued growth in direct lending.