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Syndicated loans are complex — perhaps the most complex asset type to manage. In today’s financial climate, loan traders need to be informed, flexible and dynamic. With average settlement times for par trades taking more than a week, and distressed trades even longer, trading desks face several challenges tracking and dealing with the nuances of this asset class.

Disparate systems and outdated technology only complicate an already complex process. Enter Sentry LT. While many systems claim to cover loans, none delivers the features and functionality of Sentry’s platform.

Sentry’s customizable workflows and configurable screens make information easily accessible, so traders have instant access to the whole picture.

Other features include:

Fast implementation -- limit the need for multiple vendors and reduce high IT hardware costs
Technology-first approach with self-hosted or Cloud options that are backed by 24/7 technical support
Modular approach -- personalized solutions and that scale up or down depending on need and growth
Thorough trade documentation, including capture and workflow
Detailed custom reporting
Pre- and post-trade compliance engine -- confirm trade eligibility, and manage compliance throughout the trade workflow
Reconciliation and data aggregation -- centralize data into warehouses and seamlessly augment that data with third-party content