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ClearStructure Financial Technology Recognized as the Best Portfolio Management Software

DANBURY – August 30, 2018 ClearStructure Financial Technology, a leading provider of award-winning portfolio-management solutions for buy-side management and sell-side trading desks and broker-dealers, announced today that it has been shortlisted for “Best Middle and Back Office” in the CTA Intelligence European Services Awards 2018. The company was also recently shortlisted in the HFMWeek US Hedge Fund Services Awards, a sister Pageant Media company, for “Best Portfolio Management Software.”

The annual awards acknowledge and celebrate technology providers that have demonstrated exceptional customer service and offer innovative product development. ClearStructure’s nomination is based on the breadth of its solutions as well as the company’s commitment to providing superior client service.

“As a leader in the alternative industry, ClearStructure Financial Technology remains focused on building and maintaining innovative and secure solutions and services that meet the evolving market needs,” said Jeremy Hintze, Partner and  Chief Operating Officer, of ClearStructure Financial Technology. “Over 15 years ago, we built one of the first fully cloud-based front-to-back portfolio-management solutions, and today, ClearStructure is the go-to expert for portfolio-management solutions. We look forward to furthering solution innovation that allows our clients to future-proof in today’s marketplace.”

ClearStructure Financial Technology offers Sentry PMTM, a cloud-based, front-to-back office portfolio management solution used by hedge funds, asset managers, direct lenders and structured finance groups throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.

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