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ClearStructure Financial Technology Named as the BEST DIRECT LENDING SOLUTION, USA

DANBURY, CT – June 19, 2019

ClearStructure Financial Technology, a leading provider of award-winning portfolio management solutions, today announced Global Venture has recognized it as the Best Direct Lending Solution, USA.  Sentry PM™, ClearStructure’s Portfolio Management Solution, meets the needs of private credit’s evolving challenges by improving efficiency, product delivery flexibility, data management and automation across the portfolio management life cycle.

“At ClearStructure we understand the complexities of direct lenders and the number of unique operational challenges they face,” said Jeremy Hintze, Partner, Chief Operating Officer, ClearStructure Financial Technology. “Sentry PM is a cutting edge web-based solution, that helps private credit firms better manage their information that is so essential for ensuring their success. We look forward to continued product innovation for our clients.”

The Global Venture Awards recognize successful businesses and professionals on a global scale. Through a rigorous nomination process, they select the world’s leading firms and professionals in global geographical regions, rewarding those businesses who deliver outstanding levels of customer service and unparalleled expertise in their field.

About ClearStructure Financial Technology:

ClearStructure Financial Technology delivers state-of-the-art technology solutions capable of meeting the diverse needs of the investment industry. The Sentry solution offers managers full front-to-back-office functionality on a single platform across all asset types. ClearStructure’s Sentry product suite is used by many of the largest and most respected financial institutions and investment firms in the world.

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