Bank Loans

At ClearStructure Financial Technology, we have worked with this asset class for over ten years and have developed our systems to emulate our expertise.

While several systems in the marketplace claim to handle bank loans, most fall significantly short of tracking and calculating the many nuances presented by these assets.

At ClearStructure, we offer systems for both the buy-side and sell-side to help manage bank loans. Sentry PM, our portfolio management platform for asset managers, hedge funds and direct lender, and Sentry LT, a bank loan trading application, provides a full suite of tools for loan managers and trading desks respectively.

The Sentry platform provides a full loan administration system that is used by managers and trading desks (which position loans) to track rate resets, execute global paydowns, process repayments, manage PIK loans, and make spread changes.

 Featured Functionality for Loans

  • Track loans at the credit agreement, facility, tranche, and contract level.
  • Monitor pricing grids and receive notification when spreads are set to change.
  • Calculate fees (such as delayed compensation, break funding, cost of carry, etc.) with drill down into detailed formulas that show exactly how each fee is calculated.
  • Generate par & distressed LSTA/LMA trade documentation (Trade Confirm, Funding Memo, Pricing Letter, PSA, Assignment Agreements, Netting Letters, etc.).
  • Utilize multiple loan pricing sources, including LPC and Markit Partners among others.
  • Link internal or third party loan data feeds directly into the system in order to process loan administration tasks.
  • Store documents (including faxes) directly on the asset, issuer, or trade level.

Featured loan products covered

  • Term Loans
  • Credit Agreements
  • Revolver
  • Delayed Draw
  • Letter of Credit (LOC)
  • PIK Loans
  • Loan Credit Default Swaps (LCDS)
  • Loan Total Return Swaps
  • Perfect Asset Swaps

The Sentry platform is best in class and chosen by top financial institutions across the world for both the management and trading of Syndicated Loans.

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