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Sentry Portfolio Management Software for Investment Managers

We help Investment Management firms with our Sentry Portfolio Management software in the following ways:

  • Provide transparency across the front, middle and back office with a real-time, instantly available record of all position, transactional, risk and static data (IBOR).
  • Fully support all asset types including Equity, Credit, Derivatives and Loans.
  • Control operational risk with integrated pre and post trade Compliance, override controls and a full audit of every decision taken.
  • Provide GIPS-compliant Performance and Attribution.
  • Automate middle and back office workflows including cash and position Reconciliation.
  • Custom Client Report Builder with automated email scheduling features.
  • Deliver all this and reduce costs using our all-in-one cloud hosted platform with unparalleled connectivity and inclusive support and upgrades.

We have over 65+ happy clients across the globe using our software. If your current portfolio management software vendor is unable to provide you with these features then click to find out more or contact us now for a demo.