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Multi-strategy investment management is common among today’s investment community. Many managers focus on multiple strategies and asset classes to achieve target returns. Often managers resort to disparate systems to link together a portfolio management system capable of delivering the needed functionality for all asset types. This patchwork configuration creates reporting issues and can lead to costly implementations and requires maintenance of multiple systems. In order to maximize efficiency, investment firms need a portfolio management system which can oversee multiple asset types effectively and allow users efficiency in reporting and maintaining their funds.

Sentry PM is a true cross-asset front-to-back office portfolio management system.

In Sentry each asset is handled in its native form, not forced into other asset types. This approach to tracking assets translates into a better user experience through an easy to use interface. Sentry also allows users to stratify data of various assets through our customizable interactive dashboards which means your assets can be tracked and reported on a single web-based platform with minimal effort.

Whether you are managing equities, bonds, derivatives, or a combination of these asset classes, Sentry provides the means to manage and monitor a diverse portfolio containing a broad mix of asset types. Currently used by top investment managers around the world, ClearStructure utilizes its over fifteen years of direct experience serving operations teams, portfolio managers and risk analysts to deliver a refined portfolio management platform capable of quickly adapting to a variety of asset management, forecasting, compliance and administrative needs.

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In Sentry PM each module is fully integrated to provide a comprehensive front-to-back office solution.