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ClearStructure Financial Technology provides a fully integrated customizable solution designed to meet the unique needs of investment managers.

Sentry PM has been named by Alt. Credit Intelligence as the “Best Portfolio Management System” for four years running.

Sentry is the market solution of choice, powering greater investment workflow efficiency. Investment managers can streamline their front-, middle- and back-office processes and ensure they have the information they need, when and where they need it. Better still, with Sentry’s web-based platform, our clients benefit from faster up-times; a streamlined, easy-to-navigate user experience; greater accessibility and lower cost.  The Sentry solution and modules are fully-integrated and built on a single web platform for a powerful and seamless experience.

We back our solutions with service and treat our clients as partners. By leveraging our decades of experience in the investment markets, we are constantly anticipating market changes and innovate accordingly – all to serve you better.


Sentry solution

Sentry and its various modules were built as a single web system. All on a single database, there are no clunky integrations of disparate applications or requirements to import and export data between systems. All features are fully integrated and built to work seamlessly with each other. Explore the customizable modules from our Sentry solution here:

Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager is a real-time transaction-based portfolio management tool.

Trade Order Management

Drive internal efficiencies, optimize your trading workflow, and increase firm-wide transparency.


Test portfolio- and fund-level guidelines, and hypothetical trades against user-defined rules.

Research manager

Create custom workflows to track and fully manage the credit pipeline, including issuers, deals and facilities.

Performance & attribution

Quickly compare performance against benchmark and composite returns, and identify active returns.

Private Debt

Manage the complexity of a deal pipeline; track borrower measures and loan covenants over time.

Data Warehouse

Create data sets, define fields, track historical and current data points and report on these values.

NAV Calculator

Handle complex fund structures and track positions and share classes all the way to the individual investor.

Waterfall Engine

Projections feed seamlessly into the deal structure from the portfolio management system.


Automate reporting with more than 100 standard reports, and the ability to build custom reports.


Reconcile almost any data point based on positions and transactions, reduce manual efforts.

Billing Manager

Generate custom invoices by client or account, based on dynamic fee schedules.

Our services

Our solutions are backed by service -- the kind of service our clients have come to expect. You’ll always have access to a dedicated account relationship manager who will take care to keep informed and knowledgeable about both the product and your unique financial services industry challenges. Add to that: always-on emergency technical support, help desks in key geographies available to provide a human touch, and online resources and tutorials for whenever you need them.

ClearStructure also offers a range of professional services to help our clients successfully deploy and use the Sentry suite. This hands-on, consultative support can be a one-time strategic resource or a regular investment to drive continued business success.

Customized Training

We offer a variety of training services to suit any business need. Our instructors have an intimate knowledge of both our products and the broader financial services industry. Whether you’re looking to better manage and reconcile your trade data or automate tasks to free your team up to focus on higher value work, our team will craft customized curriculum and create a program for business or IT users designed to help the people using Sentry to meet your business goal.

Consulting Services

Sentry’s module-based approach drives transparency, efficiency and cost saving. We believe that our success only comes from driving client success. So for clients with more nuanced needs, our team of engineers is ready to consult on which modules may best meet your needs, and can assist with modifications large or small to ensure each Sentry solution suits the client use case.

Upgrade Services

Upgrading to a better portfolio management solution is stressful enough. Our team can streamline the upgrade process to test any custom functionality or unique module combination -- before implementation. We can continue this support with each product update and release, allowing you to focus on business results. Be confident that your Sentry solution will continue to drive transparency and efficiency, even as we add new functionality.